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Erasmusu.com is looking for someone that enjoys the art of useful content creation and translation and working in a multi-lingual team. We need you to curate, improve, translate and create new content for the international students that are eager to travel!

We want your strength and your experience: this is a great opportunity for you to start your career. Do what you were born to do! You have excellent writing and / or translation skills.

You are eloquent, well spoken and like to travel. You’re positive, results-oriented, energetic and self-disciplined. You’re smart, ambitious and like reading and languages. You do what needs to be done; you’re willing to work hard, and know what working hard means; dedication and persistence in reaching your goals!

What are we looking for?

These two skills are the most important, if you have both, that’s awesome:

You enjoy writing and/or reading about travels. If you can demonstrate that through a blog, that’s a plus!

You are very good translating all kind of texts and you understand what a good and real translation is in comparison with an automatic not real/shitty translation. If you can demonstrate this with some translations you have done, that’s also plus!

In addition it would be [+] Ampliar información

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